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It's a bird...It's a plane...It's

It's a pen name and a deadline!

I have decided that Lyndsey Smith won't be the name I will forever write under. Lyndsey Smith. I am everything I am because of her. I'm strong because she wasn't given the option to be anything but. I'm compassionate because she learned early what it was like to be left behind. I'm creative because she was courageous enough to take the road less traveled, to live outside of the box, to color outside of the lines, and to experience things that others only dreamed about. I will always take her with me.


Who made Lyndsey Smith who she is? For years, obviously to be discussed in more detail during a future blog post, my grandma was the highlight of my world, my sanity, my guiding light, my conscience. She taught me faith in a higher power. She taught me kindness. She was one of the first people to believe that I could be a writer if I wanted to be. At that time in my life, just having someone actually believe in me instead of tell me I was worthless and not good enough meant the absolute world. There has not been a day since she passed away that I don't think about her, miss her, and hope like hell that she's looking down on me from heaven, proud of the woman I've become and what I'm about to accomplish. Her middle name was Dean.

Back when I was in the 4th grade, I had a wonderful teacher named, if my memory serves me, Julia (Julie, Joyce....oh man) Joyner. Mrs. Joyner. She had to move away after my 4th grade year, but I will always remember her smile. She was the first person to discover my affinity for writing. We were studying haiku poetry and something just clicked. After that, my grade school years were full of poetry. I went on to win a couple of writing competitions in high school and began delving into novel writing. But Mrs. Joyner will always be the first teacher I had who showed me that she cared, that she truly loved her job, that she cared about me as a person. She taught me to expect more from my education, my teachers, the books I read. If anyone happens to run across her some day, please let her know that I would consider it a great honor and a wonderful blessing to be in touch with her again.

So with the publication of my first novel, I will be introducing my writing persona, Bella Dean Joyner.

Also some exciting news on the book front! The deadline I have given myself for publication of my book on Amazon is July 1st! The book will be available via ebook purchase or paperback purchase. I'm still undecided about the Kindle Unlimited, but it's definitely an option!

As always, thank you for supporting me everyone. I can't tell you how blessed I am to have met all of you and to have the support and encouragement that I've found in you. God bless!

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