• Bella Dean Joyner

Not an Easy Decision

Since submitting my book to the self-publishing platform I had my heart set on using, I have run into a snag. With the COVID19 issues, the publisher's review team is bogged down trying to keep their information platform from being inundated with fear mongering material. Not all fiction is caught in that swamp, but mine has been. I have been unable to get any information concerning why my manuscript is taking so long to get out to my potential readers.

I grew frustrated. I've called. I've emailed. I've gotten nowhere. And that led me to doing a bit of research on my own that I probably should have done ahead of time, but hindsight is 20/20.

I have found out that in order for my manuscript to ever have a chance of being on the New York Time's or USA Today's bestseller's list, in order for my book to ever be able to be approached by an agent and brick and mortar publishing house, in order for my book to have the potential to ever be made into a movie or tv series, I cannot be exclusive with KDP.

So what do I want for my book?

Should I realistically go into this knowing that I am limiting myself from the gate?

What were my goals for this when I started, years ago?

What dreams did I have of being an author as a little girl?

When being honest with myself about the answers to all of those questions, it's simple. I never wanted the easy way out. I never wanted to just get my book out there, go with the first easy marketing platform, and wait for the checks to roll in. That has never been my style.

I either take it all, or I take nothing.

I either have a path to the top, or I don't start the journey at all.

I reach for the stars and then go higher.

So I have made a very big decision, although not an easy one. Yes, my books will still be on Kindle, but they will NOT be on Kindle Unlimited. They will only be sold as ebooks and paperback. With that being said, my books are also going to be distributed by Apple Books, Barnes & Noble Press, Rakuten Kobo, Draft2Digital, Smashwords, PublishDrive, and on my own personal website that will be going live on this domain instead of solely this blog sometime this week.

I apologize if this has caused any confusion for anyone.

But I have decided to have the faith in myself, the faith in the quality of book I have written, and the faith in my readers to take this leap and trust that I will not fall. All information will be distributed as it becomes available to me.

Thank you everyone!

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