• Bella Dean Joyner

Self Accountability in the Chaos

Most people start new ventures in their lives when life's happenings have reached a calm. They wait for the eye of the storm, sunny skies, fair breezes. I, on the other hand, have always been the embodiment of the "road less traveled", choosing to instead do things the difficult the way, the uphill climb, the dredge through quicksand. It's only fitting that I would choose to really buckle down and pursue my passion for writing during perhaps the most chaotic time of my life.

I am a thirty something mother of four beautiful angels (ages 10, 7, 5, 4) who test my limits and my patience to no end. I am an Army wife who has uprooted her family for the third time in seven years and moved across the world for my husband's stationing in South Korea. I am a writer who is not yet an author, currently working on my first novel that I hope to get published before we make it back to the States. I am a mother who has just started my homeschooling journey with all 4 of my children. I am, without a doubt, absolutely out of my mind.

A sane person would not choose this time out of any to begin a personal exploration, let alone to blog that journey. However, I have always said there is a very fine line between insanity and creation that writers have to walk willingly, whole-heartedly, and without reservation to achieve greatness in their works. By doing this, I am hoping that you, my future readers, will help hold me accountable to my dreams, keep me a slave to the words, and give my wings flight. I long for your support, your guidance, your cheering, and your criticism, because without you, my words would have no meaning, my novels would have no purpose, and I would be lost.

Thank you for accompanying me on my Write of Passage.

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